Maria E Mendoza

"Shaun es un Realtor spectacular.  Le puede obtener una casa para mio y mi familia.  Cuando nos empecando, no se cual typo de casa quisiera.  Shaun tiene mucha patiencia y nos buscamos a mas de 50+ casas.  Cuando yo encontre la casa perfecta, Shaun hable y negocie con el banco y yo obtiene la casa para un precio muy barrata.  Me calle bien a Shaun porque le puede hablar mi lingua y le puede ensena al processo total para comparar una casa.  Muchas gracias Shaun!"

Gerard Brandimarte

"When my wife and I were looking to sell our property, we knew that we were up against some competition; there were a dozen other town homes on the market at the same time.  We could see that the condo & town home market was tanking and that if we were going to be able to sell, we needed to sell quickly.  Shaun got us on the market quickly, and one week after we followed Shauns' staging techniques; we got a solid offer on our town home. The contract process moved smoothly as Shaun handled all of the inspection objections, followed up with the buyers lender and scheduled the closing to work around everyone's busy life.  I cannot wait until I move back to Colorado and Shaun can help me find my new home!"

Lindsay Gardner

"I tried selling my home bymyself.  It was tough!  Coordinating showings, being there to supervise, following up with prospective buyers...  It was a lot to do and I did not even recieve one offer.  Shaun Long and his team of dedicated professionals helped me to correctly price, market and fulfill selling my home.  Thank you so much!"

Tiffany Winters

"Shaun is not your average Realtor.  He helped me beyond every step of the way.  I told him that I wanted to get a home with a big yard, three be rooms and two bathrooms but I did not want to pay more than $700 a month and I wanted to put as little down as possible.  Shaun got me in contact with the right lenders and explained to me loan programs that could help me fulfill my dream.  Not only did Shaun get me my home with only $1,000 down; he keeps me updated as to local real estate conditions after I purchased so that I am always an informed home owner.  Shaun's personal and professional touch made my home buying experience rewarding and special.  Thank you Shaun!"

Bill Threlkeld III

"I knew what I wanted.  Shaun helped me get it.  When we were up against multiple offers for my home, Shaun worked his magic and we got the bid.  I am so excited to be a home owner!  Shaun made the home buying process so easy by explaining the process to me.  His knowledge of the bidding process and contract follow through is amazing.  He got us exactly the terms and conditions we were looking for.  Thanks again, Shaun!"

Travis Dutton

"I met Shaun when I was going through a very dark period of my life.  I had recently lost my job and had become very sick.  I had missed some mortgage payments and I was behind on all of my bills.  The bank was about to take my home.  Shaun was able to stop the foreclosure process and I was able to stay in my home for an additional eight months.  With the help of Shaun and his team of negotiators, I was able to short-sale my home and walk away without having a foreclosure on my record.  Shaun kept me updated every step of the way.  I would strongly encourage anyone with a situation like mine to contact Shaun and have him help to stop foreclosure."

Jeremy Gobeli

"What can I not say about Shaun Long!  I was not sure if home ownership was right for me.  After sitting with Shaun and having him explain to me about the $8,000 tax credit, the tax deductions I can get off of the interest paid in the form of a mortgage and the general appreciation that usually comes with home ownership; it was really a no-brainer!  Shaun was able to find me a 1950's solid brick four bedroom home with a full basement in an appreciating neighborhood during a down market.  My payments were less than $800 a month.  My neighbors (who have the exact same floorplan) are paying RENTS of $1,200.  Thank you Shaun for helping me to stop wasting my money on rent and start building equity for retirement."